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RISC OS London Show

29th October 2016 - St Giles Hotel - Feltham, London


The list of confirmed exhibitors is growing all the time, so check back soon. In addition to the usual companies there are free stands available for non-commercial developers to show off their work.

Contact us if you are interested in taking a stand at this year's show.

  1. 3rd Event Technologies - AMCS Music Creation system
    Quincy Coleman demonstrating the Acorn derived music sequencer.

  2. ABug - Acorn and BBC Micro User Group
    See what amazing feats ABUG members have been up to with their Acorn Atoms, Beebs, Electrons and Archies.

  3. AMCOG Games
    Come along to see Anthony Bartram's new parallax scroller lemmings-type game. Plus 3D vector graphic game Xeroid, isometric 3D Legends of Magic and Overlord will be on sale.

  4. Archimedes Software Preservation Project
    Jon Abbott will be demonstrating the progress made on the software preservation project with a selection of classic games running on a mixture of real Archimedes systems and on the Raspberry Pi using his ADFFS emulation software. See if you can spot the difference!

  5. Archive Magazine
    The subscription magazine, for all users of RISC OS software and hardware. Pick up the latest issue or get the DVD with over 25 years of articles in an easily searchable format.

  6. Basalt and Float
    Steve Drain will be demonstrating the latest updates of BBC BASIC addon Basalt plus the Float module that provides high speed floating point maths using the VFP unit of modern ARM processors. This will all be running on his Raspberry Pip + Atrix Lapdock custom setup.

  7. Charity Stand
    Donate your old hardware and software, and buy others to help raise money for Combat Stress.

  8. CJE Micro's - The Fourth Dimension
    The dealer with it all - if it's not in stock, it probably doesn't exist. Including the RapidO Ti and RapidO Ig systems, and their Pi-Top based RISC OS laptop .

  9. Drag 'n Drop
    Chris Dewhurst with the PDF based magazine and CDs of BBC Micro programming books.

  10. Ident Computer
    Tom Williamson will have Ident Computer's new all in one RISC OS machine, The Micro One, on display for you to try out and, if there are any left, purchase. Pre-order in the colour of your choice to avoid disappointment!

  11. Impression X
    Richard Keefe will have the latest beta version of Impression X available for sale. See how far he has progressed with the epic task of updating Impression to run on modern RISC OS machines.

  12. Organizer
    Nigel Willmott with the latest updates to the personal management software.

  13. Orpheus Internet
    The RISC OS friendly ISP.

  14. R-Comp
    R-Comp will be demonstrating their ARMX6 and TiMachine native RISC OS systems along with RISCube/RISCbook family of VirtualRPC computers, plus the latest updates to their extensive software collection.

  15. RiscDJ
    Michael Emerton demonstrating RiscDJ, the digital music library software supporting hundreds of thousands of MP3, OGG and FLAC tracks.

  16. Riscy Robots
    The rise of the machines, Neil Fazakerley will be demonstrating his robots and train sets, controlled by RISC OS running on the Raspberry Pi.

  17. RISC OS Open Ltd
    Charged by Castle with maintaining the Shared Source RISC OS, ROOL will be demoing latest developments and showing off their updated documentation.

  18. ROUGOL
    The RISC OS User Group Of London, the show organisers, will be on hand to try to tempt you to its upcoming meetings and talk about RISC OS in London in general.

  19. RPCEmu
    The latest version of the cross platform Risc PC emulator will be on display.

  20. Sine Nomine Software
    Sine Nomine will have their award winning vector map rendering application RiscOSM available, as well as the latest versions of the Impact Database, DrawPrint, SuperDoku and House of Cards.

  21. Soft Rock Software
    Vince Hudd's Acorn themed case for the Raspberry Pi, the RiscPiC, will be on sale. Vince will also have his selection of RISC OS games, utilities and applications.

  22. Steve Fryatt
    Steve will have all the latest versions of his software, CashBook, PrintPDF, and Locate2, on sale for a good cause.

  23. Tricky Gaming
    Come along and try out Tricky's (Richard Broadhurst) new games for the BBC Micro, and maybe give your old favourites a go too.