Thanks to all the exhibitors below for helping to make last year's show a success.

Contact us if you are interested in taking a stand at this year's show.

  1. AMCOG Games
    Tony Bartram will be releasing a new game, The Haunted Tower Hotel, at the show, as well as selling physical copies of his extensive back catalogue. He will also be demonstrating his Software Development Kit and the RDSP sound synthesiser, and encouraging new RISC OS developers.

  2. Archive Magazine
    New editor Gavin Smith will be making his first appearance at the show, with fresh issues in hand, encouraging you to join the subscription magazine for all users of RISC OS software and hardware.

  3. BBC Prisma Graphics
    Paul Emerton will be demonstrating and letting you play with some of the Prisma Graphics systems used by the BBC for their onscreen graphics and interactive games.

  4. Cameron Cawley
    Cameron will be demonstrating the latest version of ScummVM, which is due for release shortly before the show. ScummVM allows you to run hundreds of classic text, graphical adventure, and role playing games from other systems on RISC OS. See here for a list of compatible games.

  5. Charity Stand
    Donate your old hardware and software, and buy others to help raise money for charity. The stand can accept any Acorn/RISC OS related hardware or software, but not CRT monitors or x86 PCs. We're raising money for Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to providing mental health support to veterans.

  6. Chris Hall
    Chris will be selling his family tree generator program, FamTree. Also on display will be his customised 4te machine fitted with a switch so that it boots into either RISC OS or Linux depending on the position of the switch.

  7. Drag 'n Drop
    Chris Dewhurst with the latest issue of the PDF based magazine and bundles of the past issues. Newly released is "The Application Tutorial and Listings Book" guide to writing WIMP programs. Also check out his extensive range of books on CD.

  8. Elesar Ltd
    Rob Sprowson will his growing collection of software on display, including CloudFS, FontDirectoryPro, Prophet, and TextEase. There may also be some HATs!

  9. Midland User Group
    The Midland User Group (MUG) will be on hand to help answer questions about the group and also to start the engagement process for a potential MUG Virtual Midsummer show via Zoom on the 2nd July 2022. So come along and have a chat with us.

  10. Organizer
    Nigel Willmott with the latest updates to the personal management software.

  11. Orpheus Internet
    The RISC OS friendly ISP will be on hand to talk about internet services and data centres.

  12. R-Comp (demo only)
    Due to ongoing shielding, R-Comp will not be attending the show this year. However they will have a stand with some of their products for you to play with.

  13. RISC OS Bits
    RISCOSbits will be showing off their range of FOURtress models, and will have some very special offers on entry-level RISC OS systems and more advanced EDOS models, which can switch between RISC OS and Linux. Stock is limited, due to the chip shortages, so early birds will catch the worms.
    In addition, there will be a range of custom cases on sale, including wood and glass effect cases, Media Centre cases, and smaller artisan cases for the Pi, all available with or without special HDMI adaptors.
    RISCOSbits will also be showing off a couple of major development projects, including a LapDock that works with the Pi 4 (and many other 5v boards), and possibly a top secret collaboration project that's been in the works for several months, and of benefit to both RISC OS and Linux users. You won't want to miss it!

  14. RISC OS Developments Ltd
    The crowd-sourcing organisation helping to fund developments of RISC OS and its applications will be on hand to report on progress, answer questions, and hopefully sign you up.

  15. RISC OS Open Ltd
    RISC OS Open Ltd continue to maintain the now fully open source RISC OS. ROOL will be demoing latest developments, talking about future plans and showing off their updated documentation.

  16. Riscy Robots
    The rise of the machines! Neil Fazakerley will have the usual gaggle of robots to play with, controlled via GPIO, USB, SPI and I2C, with interfacing being demonstrated via BBC BASIC on the Raspberry Pi. *** The slickest robot operator wins their own robot! ***

  17. ROUGOL
    The RISC OS User Group Of London, the show organisers, will be on hand to try to tempt you to its upcoming meetings and talk about RISC OS in London in general.

  18. RPCEmu
    Current RPCEmu developers, Matthew and Peter Howkins, will be demonstrating the latest version of the cross platform Risc PC emulator and answering questions about their future plans.

  19. Soft Rock Software
    Vince Hudd will have the latest edition of the Soft Rock Software Collection on sale. Featuring all of the RISC OS applications, games, and utilities currently available from the Soft Rock Software website, plus bonus extras! The last few of his RiscPC styled case for the Raspberry Pi, the RiscPiC, will be available - grab one while you can.

  20. Software Preservation Service
    Bring the disks you don't want to part with for preservation! You bring your original disks, and if we don't have it in the archive, we'll take a preservation copy and give it back to you while-u-wait.