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RISC OS London Show

Saturday 28th October 2017 - St Giles Hotel - Feltham

Saturday 28th October 2017
St Giles Hotel - Feltham, London

The venue   Main room

11 AM to 5 PM
Tickets: £5 on the door, under-16s free

The RISC OS User Group Of London (ROUGOL) is pleased to be organising the RISC OS London Show again this year. There will be machines on display from Acorn's history and beyond, with Atoms, BBCs, Electrons, Archimedes, and RiscPCs, plus the latest developments on Raspberry Pi, ARMX6 and Titanium.

A games arcade will have RISC OS classics running on original hardware and the Raspberry Pi, plus there will also be new games for the Pi written in BBC BASIC, with a software development kit so you can start working on that gaming masterpiece of your own! Members of ABUG (Acorn & BBC User Group) will have new and classic games, plus amazing new hardware addons to add features to the Beeb that could only have been dreamed of back in the 80s.

There will be robots, music sythesisers, DIY GPS systems, and the latest releases of your favourite RISC OS software, plus theatre talks running throughout the day.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the show or presenting in the theatre, contact us.


2017-10-26 - RISC OS Developments will be selling a RISCOSified version of the Otter web browser at the show to raise more funds for their bigger projects.
2017-10-26 - Organiser 2.28 will be released at the show.
2017-10-26 - CJE will have the RaspberryRO Lite on display for the first time.
2017-10-26 - RComp will be releasing NetFetch5 a the show with enhanced email security features.
2017-10-21 - The full theatre programme is now confirmed.
2017-10-15 - SineNomine have been working on a new product with RISCOSbits that will be revealed at the show.
2017-10-13 - R-Comp hope to have three significant software releases ready, and maybe some more surprises...
2017-10-12 - SineNomine will have a "major RiscOSM upgrade" ready to go.
2017-10-10 - We are very pleased to announce that this year sees the eagerly awaited return of Martin Wuerthner.
2017-09-24 - This year sees the return of the games arcade, run by the Archimedes Software Preservation Project. Try some classic games and see the enhanced version of Zarch on the big screen.
2017-09-22 - New exhibitor RobC will be showing off some fancy BBC Micro graphics using his VideoNuLA addon that brings a 4096 colour palette to the Beeb.
2017-09-21 - AMCOG will have two new games on display along with their software development kit.
2017-09-12 - Soft Rock Software will break with tradition by having something new to sell! Get the SRS Collection CD or USB Stick featuring all their games and utilities.
2017-09-09 - Elesar will have CloudFS, FontDirPro and a mystery new product...
2017-09-04 - New exhibitor Chris Hall will show off the latest version of his Pi based GPS unit with PaPiRus and OLED displays.
2017-09-02 - With eight weeks to go, the initial list of exhibitors has been announced. Get the show banners up on your website and let everyone know!
2017-03-14 - We've scored a hat-trick! The London Show has been voted best event in the RISC OS Awards again :-)
2016-12-04 - Some pictures and links to show reports are on the media page.

Charity Stand

Bring and buy unwanted items and help raise money. The stand can accept any Acorn/RISC OS related hardware or software, but not CRT monitors or x86 PCs. We're raising money for Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to providing mental health support to veterans. Any questons to